Thursday, November 15, 2007

Amazing Linux Desktops Part II

Here's another screenshot of one of my Linux desktops. Note how the icons have changed. The background (wallpaper) is now different. My panels are a bit different. I added a space wheel (It actually spins on my desktop just like it does in the movie 2001!)

This customization is all possible due to Linux using the KDE desktop. Like Linux, The KDE desktop is open source and free of charge. This allows the entire Linux community to build, create and contribute icon sets, fonts, splash screens, wallpapers, Superkaramba widgets, window decorations and so much more!

Visit and explore all that is available. All have been built/created by Linux users and all are free of charge.

The desktop elements can be easily downloaded and installed through the Linux control panel. Installation instructions are usually included with whatever element you download to your system.

Linux and KDE allow YOU to customize the look and feel of your desktop computing environment!

Get Linux, customize your desktop, and stop looking at the same old "Window(s)."

Got a question about cartooning with Linux, or Linux in general? Email me at: If I use your question on my blog, I'll send you an original, signed George comic strip!

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