Sunday, October 28, 2007

One Click Linux. Why I started this site.

I got tired of Windows. That's the simple truth.

I got tired of the pop-ups, viruses, anti-virus updates and a myriad of other things that slowed down my computing experience. I wanted an operating system that wasn't going to get bogged down with all kinds of programs running in the background eating up resources and slowing down performance. I didn't really want to spend a fortune on new hardware and software, so moving to an Apple system wasn't an option.

I looked around the internet and read so many good things about Linux, that one day, I finally downloaded it, installed it and...Well, here it is three years later and I absolutely LOVE using Linux! I'm so impressed with Linux, I want to tell everyone about it! So, this is the reason why I started this site. I'll be posting a lot of the things I've learned so you, the new Linux user, can get up and running with Linux a lot faster.

Learn from my experiences and mistakes. I'm going to really keep it as simple as possible. Really. That's half the battle with Linux (or any new system). Some well-meaning folks, when instructing new Linux users, get waaaaay too technical. I'm going to keep explanations simple and clear.

I hope you visit here often and I hope this site and what I have to say inspires you to visit other Linux sites and learn more. And I hope you then take that step and actually get Linux, install it and use it.

If you already have Linux installed, well then, you've come to right place. I hope this site helps you find the answer you're looking for.

I'm just one small member of the vast Linux community out there. That same community of users got me up and running. This is my way of giving back to the community. helping someone else get started using Linux.

Remember, this site is just the beginning. There are millions of people running Linux. The entire Linux community is always ready to help new users find there way through Linux.

Don't be scared. Linux is EASY! And believe me, Linux is so much better than Windows!

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