Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Getting to know the Linux community

The Linux community is far and away, one of the most helpful groups of people you'll ever encounter. Once you've downloaded and installed (or using the Live CD) the Linux distribution of your choice, i highly recommend that you register and regularly visit that Linux Distro's forums.

If you're running Freespire, then register at the Freespire forum at:

Or, perhaps you're test driving Ubuntu. Get to know other Ubuntu users at:

These are just a couple of examples. For your specific Linux distribution, simply search the pages where you downloaded it. You'll find a link taking you directly to its forum.

You'll find that the moderators and contributors at these forums want to make sure your experience with Linux is the very best possible. They are friendly, helpful, and patient with new users. They'll help you iron out any issues you may be having when navigating your new Linux OS.

There are just a couple of things to keep in mind.

1.) After registering, post an introduction. Introduce yourself to the forums. Let folks know you are a new Linux user.

2.) Be Polite. That is to say, be aware of the forum's code of conduct. Needless to say, being a nice guy wins more friends than being disagreeable.

3.) Be specific when describing your problem. Explain as much as possible with the problem you are having with your Linux distro. Be specific. Folks will help you, but you need to give them as much information as possible.

4.) Get ready to exercise your brain cells just a bit. Okay, you're going to have to learn a few new things. But, don't worry. Most of the tips and ticks (and possibly a few commands) are quite easy to grasp. Think back to the first time you ran Windows. Did you know everything about that operating system? Chances are you asked a lot of questions of a lot of other Windows users.

5.) Contribute. Give back. After you get your feet wet and know your way around Linux a bit, don't hesitate to answer some other new user's question if you know the solution. Even when you hep someone solve their problem, you'l something new.

Pretty soon, with the help of the forums, you'll be using Linux on a regular basis. You'll be installing software and customizing the desktop. and you'll discover how wonderful and easy Linux is to use!

The forums are a great way to really jump start Linux !

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